Multiplatform Revolution

vampire at vampire at
Fri Nov 25 08:36:20 EST 2005

So far I am impressed by revolution. I'm somebody that is coming back
to the mac after a decade. At one point in my life I loved HyperCard.
Most of my clients are on PCs so if I end up using revolution I am
going to need to byte the bullet and buy PC/Mac. Does getting a
license for multi-platform entitle you to run the IDE on both
platforms? I don't have a specific use for it yet so if I put out the
money its a big investment for me at this point. How important would
you say is buying the updates (support). Does RR get bug fixes often?
Any other pointers? I was about to buy Supercard (mostly to toy with)
which I love but not being able to run anything I develop for 90% of
my clients seems like learning time not well spent.



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