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Frank R frny4x at
Thu Nov 24 22:08:27 EST 2005

Ken - does your company have any relationship to a SOT in the
  motorcycle parts world?

Ken Ray <kray at> wrote:
  On 11/24/05 1:04 PM, "Frank R" wrote:

> Ok, with the recent anger expressed, and with me being a new guy on the block,
> let me ask some questions:
> - What's the size of the company behind this product? You don't have to
> give precise numbers, but somebody must know if this company is - a thousand
> people - doubt it, a hundred people - still probably doubt it, at least dozens
> of people - probably, and I hope, or one or two people - I don't hope this is
> the case.

Last time I checked it was about a dozen people give or take (of course this
was a year ago and things might have changed).

> - What are the support options? Do we get 100% of support via the dialog in
> this forum, or is there a way to contact a tech support team at the company
> and occasionally get a good answer?

Well, the support options are listed at the RunRev site
(, but basically this
list is the "free" support; you can pay for email priority support or phone

> - What's the frequency of the release of minor levels and major levels of
> the software?

I don't recall specifically, but it seems like it's about 6 months between
minor releases and a year between major ones (something like that) - I might
be misremembering, so if anyone wants to chime in here, that would be great.

> - Are people out there making a livelihood using this product nearly
> exclusively, or is this rare to nonexistent?

Yes (I am, for one). And I know several others doing this as well. I don't
know how many in total, though.


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