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Netware's or Window's UNC paths should work in Rev. I use them in a Windows
and Netware environment and without a problem every day - including open
stack, open url or open file and the same with saving... Share and DFS
access also works fine. 

Any trouble of access not working is usually due to security issues (rights
to read, etc... or network connections).

IF you still have issues, you can also use the shell's os copy command to
gather the data stacks to your user's workstations and then work from


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> My program saves student's usage data in a stack (which also 
> serves to display/evaluate it). Some teachers wanted to have 
> this info available from anywhere.
> My original solution (worked on my home machine) was to store 
> the data stack on a web server and ftp it down to the local 
> machine to update and then ftp it back up.
> Apparently this didn't work for them (firewall?). I got the 
> following info from the tech guy:
> >We would like your software to run from the client and multiple 
> >workstations to be able to simultaneously access your 
> program's data on 
> >a UNC path such as \\e145eves-ins\data\apps\your_program. 
> [Netware 6.5]
> Any thoughts?
> Right now, I'm thinking that teachers just want the basic 
> info, so why not have my rev app send an email to the 
> teacher? The teacher could put his email address in a simple 
> text file in the program's directory and the app would look 
> for it and send off an email if it existed.
> thanks
> tm
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