Living together BUT not married: RR/MC and Linux

Marielle Lange mlange at
Tue Nov 22 15:26:20 EST 2005

> On 21 Nov 2005, at 21:38, Richard Gaskin wrote:
>> But in terms of contracting with governments which require open  
>> source software, I think that leaves us out even if our part of a  
>> solution is open source since we, like Flash, Director, Toolbook,  
>> and xCode developers, rely on proprietary components to get the  
>> job done.

David Bovill wrote:
> Government contracts do not require that all tools and code used is  
> open source (I think this would not even be legal).

Unfortunately, this is not clear. I have been in discussion with the  
guys of this project: I tried to  
lure them into using revolution to develop open source. They told me  
they couldn't because their current contract impose the exclusive use  
of open source software and tools.

It remains that participation will always be limited by the fact that  
a paid license is necessary to be in a position to collaborate to an  
open source project.

David Bovill wrote:
> I think you may have had too many dinners with Richard Stallman -  
> real world open source projects are, and will increasingly become  
> hybrids of closed and open components within a clear "open  
> strategy" in which any closed source components can be replaced by  
> open ones within reasonable development constraints and budgets.

This is obviously a solution. Eventually have some components coded  
in a code interpreted by revolution and use revolution as a kind of  
player rather than proprietary development environment.

... BTW, I cannot resist the invitation of your title. We were living  
together BUT we are now happily married :-). We had a great time!

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