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Roger.E.Eller at Roger.E.Eller at
Sun Nov 20 20:18:28 CST 2005

> Hi All,
> I have a weird problem at the moment. I have an app that works
> perfectly in the IDE, but fails when built. After many tests, I found
> that the scripts just stopped running when they encountered either
> revChangeWindowSize or revMacFromUnixPath. Both these commands are
> part of the revCommon library, but it seems that the library is not
> being compiled into my app.
> Does anyone know how I can check the existance of this library in my
> app? The docs mention a hidden group, so I guess I could add a test
> button that listed all the groups.
> Does anyone know what I could be doing that is stopping the library
> coming in, or have any suggestions about what to try next? The
> standalone settings don't allow you to select the common library
> specifically, so I guess it is supposed to be in every app.
> BTW, this app has been under construction for some time now and this
> has never been a problem until now, although these commands have been
> used all along. I have tried a fresh insallation of Rev just in case I
> had messed up the library somehow, but that had no effect.
> TIA,
> Sarah

Hi Sarah,

I recently had a similar problem in 2.6.1 where setting the 
systemFileSelector to false "used to" include a unix-style file selector 
dialog in the build. I ended up having to build my standalone with 2.5.1 
in order for this to work. I think these are bugs in 2.6.1 where critical 
"used" libraries/stacks are somehow being ommitted during the build 
process. I liked the older versions where you could select each component 
that you wanted to include into the build.

Best regards,
Roger Eller <roger.e.eller at>

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