mTropolis Refugees

David Glasgow david at
Fri Nov 18 05:30:24 EST 2005

On 18 Nov 2005, at 6:03 am, Jesse Sng wrote:

> we were looking at using the
> brand new (then) mTropolis 2.0. Anyway we got burnt by that and it
> took me many years before I got rid of the mTropolis box that was
> sitting on my shelf.

Mine's still there! Funky chimney top hat and all.  Still got the 
goldfish tutorial, too.  And the bile still rises when I think about 
how I paid for it just before it was killed.

I had no idea anyone out there still uses it.  Has its cross platform 
performance been limited by newer versions of Windows?

I was also intrigued by the account of the mTropolis metaphor.  My 
recollection is that it was sold as being free of metaphors and this 
was a *Good Thing*.  As it happens, I am not convinced by that 
argument.  I could go on about why, but it would probably be too 

I switched to Hyperscript (before Transcript), and struggled for a 
short while before there was a 'ker-ching' moment.  I think this is 
when the metaphor becomes clear in your mind.  It doesn't mean you can 
make fast efficient code, or realise the full potential of the tool, 
but you can make an outline plan of possible alternative routes to 
achieve your goal.  Also, extensions to the metaphor have a place to be 
put.  So, for example when you realise the difference between groups 
and backgrounds, you get a happy feeling.

Oh dear, I did go on about metaphors.  Sorry, didn't mean to.

I have positive memories of mTroplolis, and look forward to 
contributions from top hatters, converts or no.

Best Wishes,

David Glasgow

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