Signatures and quoting

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Nov 17 23:58:15 EST 2005

> Le 17 nov. 05 à 18:13, Richard Gaskin a écrit :
> > MisterX wrote:
> >> or your email client strips the sigs (TAOO CAN DO THIS :)
> >
> > So TAOO can also do that when emails are sent?
> Not very kind but LOL
> As for me, unfortunately I don't have TAOO :-(

To answer Richard's question, sure, TAOO has pre and post processing for
user "data" objects (and more)... And since the late 80's! 

Came in very handy when HyperCard archived some thousands of emails/files
from Eudora/BBEdit/NetScape to HC stripping out the sigs, the lame content,
ads, etc... 

Helped also for pre-formating of data, posting data, sending or writing data
in or out of TAOO... I didn't just archive emails in TAOO, but code,
readmes, references, etc...

It helps reduce repetitive editing, stack/DB size a little and make the
reading (or IO) lots easier... It shouldn't be hard to adapt to spam
filtering or any other application that reads/writes/stores information for
that matter... 


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