Signatures and quoting

MisterX b.xavier at
Thu Nov 17 12:10:57 EST 2005

I didn't want to demonize digests. In case this is brewing the thread ;)

Digests are helpful, like Tibtits was, but in the waves of mails that some
of us get, it's unmanageable... If you reply often to the list, it's lots of
work to clean the "topic"... (select the story in the digest, copy, select
all, paste), now paste the right subject, add ">" before each line, etc...)

It's too hard to manage things via digest. And I seriously would like to
change how mail works at work (with the big corp legal security sig) or the
spam crap that's prepended the subjects which I miss or the times when the
second email in the "to:" fields gets you in an embarassing situation of
some sorts (which I've missed in the past and still am subject to trip

in a perfect world, one email only shows, with just a bit of good will..
this wouldn't be an issue...

or your email client strips the sigs (TAOO CAN DO THIS :)

And the right quote naturally... We need to see at least once what that
"sripped quote" was from that user ;)

I just don’t see how or why people think digests are useful or practical.
Can anyone enlighten me on it's advantages?


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> >BTW, is is really necessary to attach such a long sig to 
> every one of 
> >your emails to this list? I find it irritating and I get the 
> messages 
> >individually. The people who get the digest must find it a major 
> >inconvenience. If your employer insists on such a sig, perhaps you 
> >could use a non-work email address for this list?
> As much as big signatures are annoying, what's even more 
> annoying are people who don't snip them from replies or those 
> people who quote whole messages to say thanks (and the people 
> who keep quoting the quoted messages should all be shot)..  I 
> get the list in digest mode and some days there are only 3 
> messages in the digest (and not due to it being a slow day 
> but just people who can't seem to quote nicely)..
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