open with on windows does not work with rev. Heeeeeelp :-)

xavier.bury at xavier.bury at
Thu Nov 17 07:36:43 EST 2005

Hi Sarah,

use-revolution-bounces at wrote on 17/11/2005 12:09:13:

> On 11/17/05, xavier.bury at <xavier.bury at> 
> > it's actually much simpler than what's been described...
> >
> > open a command box and type the following
> >
> > assoc .rev ! this outputs the current association

> Sorry, but to someone who is not familiar with DOS/Windows, there is
> no way this could possibly be simpler than the previous suggestions.
> You give no indication of what is the output from the first command
> and what is supposed to be typed in. Even with the first command, I am
> left wondering whether to type the exclamation mark or whether it is
> just a comment marker.

Sorry to disapoint you Sarah. DOS is like C, ugly, hard and non-friendly
but damn is it faster than any GUI Moft makes. The point of the batch
here is that with a double click, you dont have to mess with any GUIs
and it's easy to repeat at any time you reinstall rev...

The ! was there to show that was a comment... (if i had used ' the 
comment character though im sure it would have brought up more
questions ;)

> BTW, is is really necessary to attach such a long sig to every one of
> your emails to this list? I find it irritating and I get the messages
> individually. The people who get the digest must find it a major
> inconvenience. If your employer insists on such a sig, perhaps you
> could use a non-work email address for this list?

It's not my doing nor is it to my liking. 

I use another email at home to catch the mailist too but the web email
client (at work) is just good for reading - plus problems with copypastes 
with FireFox make it unusable for replying emails. 

To add to that, my email address is different from the inscription - 
so i can catch it anywhere if their email service goes down so it's a bit 
more complicated than you can imagine - mostly because the mailist doesn't
accept more than one email (one for send and one for receiv.)

All that to make sure i dont miss a post in the mailist ;)

I'd like to say that digests are just as horrible...

Have you tried the mailist in single-mail form? It's easier to find info,
easier to respond, easier to sort or organize or see who sends what! Plus
if you reply, you dont need to strip all the info and change the subject
title... oh yes, with digests you can't filter out emails containing big 
sigs ;(

Also in my web email client i can't see who sends what because the stupid
ajax wannabe looser program doesn't display "from:" headers, html mails
are lost in the translation and it logs out every 10 minutes :(... 

While writing this mail, my 21" monitor died, i had to kill my machine, 
find another screen, start everything over (reconnect to 3 metaframe 
servers, 4 RDP servers, relaunch MC and pickup where i lost the last i 
did to it... And all that for a "!" and a readers' digest ;)

So im sorry for the sig... But the only thing i could do about it, is stop
helping those with questions... For those that dont say thanks, i could
care less but for the others it's part of my rev-xtalk culture so i doubt
i'll stop... ;)

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