The Disappearing Desktop - It's Real This Time

Dan Shafer revdan at
Wed Nov 16 19:29:56 EST 2005

First, there are several technologies that work around this problem.  
I am working with a startup that has a USB device that handles this  
issue nicely and I know of a couple of others. The problem is hardly  

Second, what happens when you lose your laptop or have it stolen?  
This happens with shocking frequency these days and it's getting  
worse. I'd be a lot more concerned about THAT security issue than  
with the loss of data over relatively secured and busy Internet wires  
and signals.

On Nov 16, 2005, at 3:52 PM, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> I have good confidence in the sanctity of my laptop, so I'm happy  
> to use it, even over public wifi access, because all the traffic is  
> ssh-secured end-to-end. But using a web cafe, or kiosk, public  
> Internet access at a library, etc. all put me at risk; the  
> encryption happens *after* the data is out of my control. I can't  
> be sure there isn't a keylogger or similar there grabbing my password.

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