The Disappearing Desktop - It's Real This Time

Alex Tweedly alex at
Wed Nov 16 17:52:45 CST 2005

Dan Shafer wrote:

> The tablet PC is just a side issue here. My original point with  
> respect to this issue was that a "zero-pound computer" was a  
> desirable objective. This means that my data and my applications live  
> on a server somewhere and I can access them from anywhere, whether I  
> have "my" computer with me at the time or not. I can go to a kiosk,  
> FedEx Kinko's, wireless hot spot with a handheld...whatever.

The biggest hurdle to getting a "zero-pound computer" is getting access 
to secure data (e.g. on-line banking).

I have good confidence in the sanctity of my laptop, so I'm happy to use 
it, even over public wifi access, because all the traffic is ssh-secured 
end-to-end. But using a web cafe, or kiosk, public Internet access at a 
library, etc. all put me at risk; the encryption happens *after* the 
data is out of my control. I can't be sure there isn't a keylogger or 
similar there grabbing my password.

[ I'm hoping someone will describe a secure way around this problem. ]

Alex Tweedly

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