scope puzzle with menus

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Wed Nov 16 11:58:11 EST 2005

Charles Hartman wrote:

 > A keyUp message whose parameter is cmd-U is generated when I choose a
 > menu item whose purpose is to open a substack. So it's generated  before
 > I have even opened the substack containing the card containing  the
 > field whose script contains the keyUp handler. That handler then  calls
 > a handler in the main stack, which reads and writes a variable  there in
 > the main stack script. So why does that cmd-U (or the 'u'  part of it)
 > end up in that variable?

I see. I didn't realize the keyUps were in an unopened substack. You'd 
need to do some investigating but it could be that after the command key 
  triggers the menu item and opens the substack, the next keyUp message 
in the queue is then sent to the new top stack, which would be your 

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