Serious Engine annoyance with is a folder on Win32...

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> So i scan the paths list to find the right folders, eliminate the
> non-existing. But I kept getting this dialog: "there is no Disk in
> the drive. Please insert a disk into drife F:." with buttons
> (cancel)(try again)(continue).

Welcome to Windows... ;-)

That's something that's been discussed quite frequently here on the list;
that when you check for a path that is on a removable drive, Windows will do
just as you describe. There have been a few suggestions on how to handle
this, but it is different on different flavors of Windows (earlier ones will
always bring up the dialog; later ones *may* bring it up), but the bottom
line was that if you need to know from Win95 on up, you need to use a DLL or
third party utility EXE to check whether a drive is available or not.


Check out the update notes at the bottom of the page.

If you can count on only a later version of Windows, you can test the
readiness using VBS (I believe).

> Can anyone tell me if this also happens on Macs? Linux?
> Can another PC user confirm this?

Well, it doesn't happen on Macs because drives are uniquely named so there
isn't a specific name that refers to a removable drive (unlike A: and B:
which are by definition removable).

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