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Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Nov 14 13:24:51 EST 2005

Bon jour Dom,

looks like its french fan day today :-D

> MisterX <b.xavier at> wrote:
>> Very very schoen!
>  je dirais même plus : sehr beautiful ;-)

Danke beaucoup!

> what is "Flora Data", a commercial, educative piece?

you caught me with my pants down :-)

Actually there is no english description yet because i lack some
very special and biological terms/words :-/

Yes, it is a commercial and educative piece of software to determine
families of plants (????) by selecting several properties in the  

And you can drag and drop some petals onto a flower to select a  
certain number
of different petals...? Sorry, i am definitively not a biologist :-)

The software will be made available for free download, once we added  
a french and
english translation and it will have its own website, too.

I created this one for a school (Gymnasium) in Dortmund, germany and  
added it to my refs,
since it really looks and works fine :-)

> Revolutionario vraiment polyglotte !

A bientôt, mon ami...

Klaus Major
klaus at

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