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Klaus Major klaus at
Mon Nov 14 12:20:06 EST 2005

Bon soir Eric,

> Bravo Klaus!

Merci, mon ami.

> As clean as Zappa ;-)


> Where is the famous banana?

Well, actually it left me :-/

After gaining some certain (and doubtful) glory, it asked for MUCH more
money, which i could not afford at that time and so it said goodbye  
and I think
it went straight to Hollywood (or was it Bollywood? Anyway...) to  
become a kiwi
ehm. star of some sort...

A VERY unthankful BRAT! :-D

Sandy and I (Hi Sandy :-) started to experiment with some small tuna  
but that is not the same.

> I miss it...

Sight, so do i...

> PS. Most of the browsers will launch your site despite the typo...  
> As Safari here :-)

Sure, but not all folks are using SUCH a smart browser! ;-)

Best from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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