The Disappearing Desktop - It's Real This Time

Rob Cozens rcozens at
Mon Nov 14 10:58:44 EST 2005

Ken, et al:

>Personally my feeling is that this *could be* the wave of the future, and so
>we should be keeping close tabs on it as the future pans out, and for those
>of us that see this as more inevitable, I'd suggest finding a good niche to
>add value. And for those us that see this as more "flavor of the week", we
>can at least be cognizant of the technology and watch closely how it

Wave of the future or flavor of the week?  Here's a question to help 
you decide:

How comfortable would you feel if all your Revolution source code and 
stack components were stored on somebody else's computer at some site 
remote from you?

Rob Cozens, CCW
Serendipity Software Company

Vive R Revolution! 

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