Serious Engine annoyance with is a folder on Win32...

xavier.bury at xavier.bury at
Mon Nov 14 09:53:13 EST 2005

Hi everyone,

I've been hit thousands of times and 
finally took the matter into my own hands.

Yet it's so simple i can't believe the finding...

It almost drove me up the wall when i had to click 500 times "continue"...
And i couldn't quit (unsaved work) or stop the process...

Testing grounds: 
The autoloader of TAOO 
1 server with Win2003, MC 2.5
1 server with Win2003, MC 2.6.6 or Rev 2.6.1 (same engine).

Im scanning folders for a file. There a few folders that belong to
one server or the other, some of which do not exist on the other 

So i scan the paths list to find the right folders, eliminate the
non-existing. But I kept getting this dialog: "there is no Disk in 
the drive. Please insert a disk into drife F:." with buttons
(cancel)(try again)(continue).

Cancel doesn't stop anything (bogus button), try again repeats
the error message (not useful) and continue, well, continues 
i guess like the cancel button.

Searching i found that the error came from the function

is folder folderpath.

If i ask:
put is folder "r:" (which doesn't exist) i get false.
put is folder "f:" (which exists) i get true
put is folder "f:/test" which doesn't exists i get that dialog + false

The dialog doesn't return any result or cancel anything.

Verified with versions 2.5 - 2.6.6 of MC or rev engine too without
any mods in the install. 

I'll test this on XP later but if MC 2.5 and up to 2.6.6 do this, im
thinking bugzilla no matter what version.

Can anyone tell me if this also happens on Macs? Linux? 
Can another PC user confirm this?

Can ANYONE tell me how to turn that programmed horror and crap off?

Thanks in advance

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