Purge Loop--Destroy Stack no working?

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sun Nov 13 22:36:33 CST 2005

The past few days REv is repeatedly asking me if I want to purge a  
stack in memory with the same name... Most of my stacks have

on closestack
    save this stack
end close stack

And for some reason, if Constellation is running, this puts me into  
an infinite loop where Rev is unable to save (because there is a  
stack in memory with the same name) ... I click save or purge or  
cancel, it doesn't matter... the msg comes right back..

if I don't boot constellation, I don't get into a loop but still  
though all my stacks are set to Destroy on close, rev keeps asking to  
purge a previously closed stack if I open another which has the same  

I'm thinking something has been corrupted or a custom prop is "stuck"  
somewhere that thinks these stacks are in memory when they or not, or  
they are not being destroyed when they should be... any ideas?   
Rebooting Rev does not change the behavior.


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