XOSMediaLib under construction

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Sat Nov 12 07:29:27 EST 2005

It's amazing how much you get done when things work as expected!!!

Thanks to Dan, I've squashed a couple dozen bugs since this morning...
Added a few new things too. Made it lots faster! 

I think I got most of the issues out this time...

(warning: web page link, not file url - nothing is compatible anymore ;)


Version bumped to 2.4.5 (from 2.3 last week)

Lots of new TAOO or improved functions thanks to this:
- smarter group collapsing
- smart field splitters (to change tabstops - inspired by Chipp himself!)
- grid navigation via arrows
- list navigation based on sorted column+keys typed in sequence - thanks
Charles for boosting that script's fix.
- Thanks to Pierre Sahores for some drag and drop insights

Pretty much everything works as far as I could test...
There's one bug I know of... see who finds it! not a show stopper...

This is beta beta, not prerelease beta... I haven't hit an error anywhere.
Note the external image functions I didn't test as rigorously.

That doesn't mean there isn't Mac related visual bugs. Dan sent some
pictures which I couldn't read... Any feedback apreciated from anyone...

Next UP, transcriptolation integration into rev ;) 
HTMLText output from fields really doesn't work when you look at it into a

After that I can paste the about field into monsieurX for the new story into
phpnuke or wiki and reduce even more workflow ;) That's the point aint'it?


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> RevGang
> Here's a "webPage" where you can safely download the fixed 
> and standalone
> version
> of xosmedialib. 
> <http://monsieurx.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdown
> loaddetails&li
> d=82>
> It should be standalone. SOME features are still under 
> construction mind
> you.
> It still requires GIM to be resized (open GIM, activate it, 
> open xosmedialib
> and
> all should work). 
> <http://monsieurx.com/modules.php?name=Downloads&d_op=viewdown
> loaddetails&li
> d=79>
> (web page too)
> But the rest should be, eh, appetizing...
> (BTW, there's more under http://monsieurx.com -> downloads -> TAOO ->
> Runrev...
> Here's what you can do with XOSMediaLib:
> - display and group all your images into one stack so you can 
> reuse them
> across all your stacks without id conflict nightmares.
> - Import 1 or more images via menu, button click, or drag and drop
> - View images in another stack (hopefully edit them - not 
> supported yet)
> - Images are organized in a nice grid that is almost smart 
> (there's a bug in
> the grid drawing for the last row of images though)
> - Then you can clone, cut, copy, [paste may not work], flip, 
> rotate images
> with a single mouse button
> - You can sort the image list by IDs, names, size (note the 
> columns sort is
> reversed if you click twice - and the tabs can be resized 
> easily (this is my
> latest taoo addition - thanks Chipp for the idea - note this 
> is a display
> bug demo for the tabstops bug I still have to bugzilla which 
> you will see if
> the tabstops are too close to each other - not my doing).
> - You can export one or more images (multiple selections is 
> in works - not
> yet supported)
> - Click on an image and you can change it's id, name. ID is 
> checked for
> duplicates!!!
> - Imported images (not pasted) are set to an id in your range 
> (see options)
> that will not conflict with other images. Images also get 
> custom props with
> their date and path of importation. 
> - you can add descriptions and categories to images (in 
> construction) - note
> the collapsible groups for those do not work 100% ok). 
> More editing features to come like blend levels etc...
> Things that don’t work:
> - The 3rd tab! Assign images or patterns to any stack (in testing)
> - The 4th tab! browse images (under construction)
> - Some menus (still in testing).
> Hope you like it! Sorry for the rough corners which are 
> constantly being
> improved as I get time to test or use them. This is not a 
> professional tool
> (yet) but a work in progress that does the image management 
> in TAOO. What
> you see done for images in this stack, is equally detailed in 
> TAOO for text,
> links, bookmarks, keywords, categories, object/records, rev 
> objects, and
> other objects... 
> Im not sure the stack will interest many until the external 
> media editing
> works like it does for the internal images of xosmedialib. 
> The browsing
> should work though (there's a stack menu in the middle on top 
> of the grid)
> to 
> choose the stack (not retested lately). 
> Not that I care to release bugs. But the image ID duplicates 
> are a constant
> problem for many. Maybe this can help you guys... For others, 
> it is a rich
> demo of many many features coming in from TAOO... 
> Sorry if the gui is complicated, ugly or not Mac happy. I 
> hope you'll let me
> know what doesn't fit or should be changed, im all ears.
> For the history of it, the stack is under constant change 
> since december
> 2004 (when I posted the image id conflict bugzilla) since I 
> didn't see a
> real image id solution coming any time soon, I took things to 
> the next level
> - automated management - but first I needed a gui to manage 
> images - so
> there it is. 
> Those interested in a 2000 icon library for external media 
> testing, please
> just request it...
> I think that wraps it up! Since TAOO is built to be a collaborative
> distributed system, your critiques, fixes, help is really 
> welcome! Did I
> forget to say anything? Yes, I have not tested this on a mac 
> yet... visuals
> may not be tuned for macs or linux... if you see anything 
> that ticks your
> eyes, send me a small screenshot offlist please... 
> cheers
> Xavier
> http://monsieurx.com/taoo - the RAD RAD
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