Blendlevels in 2.6.1

MisterX b.xavier at
Sat Nov 12 05:29:07 EST 2005

greetings Revlings

I have to admit that setting the blend of any object is great.

But how can you set the "blendlevel" of any object?

If the blend is too dark or light (on dark or light backgrounds
how can you change the contrast? 

I have a blended menu - blended over a dark image pattern background. The 
button needs to be opaque or you don’t see it hiliting.

The text in the button is obviously clear/white so it contrasts with the

When I hilite the button however, the blend level makes the button text
But the background blend is cool. there is the obvious mousedown and change
text color and set it back after mouseup/menupick - but that doesn't work if
mouse goes up out of the menu rect... Looking for a simpler solution with 
properties if possible...

The button name must be text and not an image (to many images to make for
button, each language, etc...)

Second problem, is there any way to just blend the button and not the text?
Just noticed the blended button text is also darker grey... 

I tried every other ink effect but none is as correct as the blend... 

Sounds like a feature to have that would allow a lot of flexibility...

I've seen images doing blends, and this would be a great thing for controls
(and windows)
as well... 

thanks for any feedback


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