Safe (icon) image IDs

MisterX b.xavier at
Fri Nov 11 14:26:32 EST 2005


that's strange. It works in explorer, firefox in xp, w2k, w2k3...

works in rev 2.6.1 over those systems too with the go url (which I
was surprised!)...

Works from home over adsl, works from work with 4Gbit lines. 

And this way we hope rev competes with ajax... ;)

try it on a pc. try it with 

load url ""
save it as "xosmedialib.rev"

no matter how I try it doesn't fail here.

Are you using safari? have any other browser available? 

are your ".rev" mimes set?

PHPNuke downloads have worked for thousands of url hits except for
a few rev mac users... Strange coincidence...

Worse, the tikiwiki wont let me upload the file, wont accept a url for file
and I can't hack it out of the sql without doing php - which is not making 
it's adoption friendly at all... 

Look, wait for taoo to be announced one day and it will download
correctly for once without screwy browsers!

That stack is not taoo-free after all. some
dependencies will create reverror displays... the library scripts
for id resolution where the point of the matter.

This really bytes it. After a great programming week, bugs squashed by
the dozen, im out of wind... 

sorry, I need a rest... been up since 3:30 AM... bug after bug day... 


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