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Thanks Dan,
I'm off and running now.... 

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What event triggers the request for the user to input the  
information? That event appears not to be triggered when you simply  
switch from edit mode to run mode, which would figure because that  
action doesn't trigger an event we usually trap for.

Assuming, e.g., that your stack asks for this information in an  
openStack handler, then after you switch to run mode, type into the  
message box "send 'openStack' to stack 'foo'" (and you can leave out  
the stack if it's the only one in memory or you're certain it's the  

All Rev actions occur in response to events. Your stack is being  
polite, waiting for an event before it does anything!

On Nov 8, 2005, at 7:22 AM, Thornton, John wrote:

> Dear People,
> I run Linux Redhat version of Revolution Studio version 2.6.1.   
> When I try to build a stack and cards, the first card is to ask for  
> info from the user.  This works if I save the stack, exit the stack  
> and reload the stack into Revolution and press the Run mode  
> button.  However, I cannot get the damn thing to run from the  
> beginning and ask the user for the required info, simply by  
> switching from Edit mode to Run mode.  Am I missing a vital step,  
> or the switch from Edit mode to Run mode not working properly?
> Regards
> JohnT
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