Synchronization puzzle - take care!

David Bovill david at
Wed Nov 9 16:55:00 EST 2005

Thanks for posting this Alex - word of warning and feature request  
for RunRev - or is as ever there a way I haven't spotted?

First the warning - downloading the stack "Networked Address Book"  
from revOnline automatically asked me to locate x,y, z - can't  
remember - to which I naturally said no - then got myslef into an  
endless loop of answer dialogues!

Now the question is  - is there a way to cancel an answer dialogue?  
Command period does not work - unless you are lucky and the script  
loop is long - sometimes I manage to break out. I think it would be  
very useful if there was a way to do this as the only way I know is  
to force quit and loose all your unsaved data!

Easy to do - done it many times myself !

On 9 Nov 2005, at 20:10, Alex Tweedly wrote:

> The synch method I used is described in 
> pipermail/use-revolution/2005-January/049974.html
> along with some justification for why this method is needed  
> (basically, I needed a scheme with no central "master" copy, and  
> the ability to synch together any two copies that happen to come  
> together at any time).

Would love to have a look - but scared to download again now :(

> The sync idea is (I think) good and general (I use it for address,  
> calendar and notes - but the sync'ing is done without regard to the  
> content). The stack is usable, but has more rough edges than it  
> does smooth bits.

I noticed :)

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