Load URL returns error 10049

Dave Beck dave at crystalpiersw.com
Mon Nov 7 20:52:47 EST 2005




I have a rev standalone that has been distributed to a number of users. The
standalone uses the "load URL" command to get a web page from my server. The
command works as expected for every user to which I've distributed the stack
except for one. The load URL command fails for this user and the URLStatus
function returns "error". Then the libURLErrorData function returns "10049".
Does anybody have any idea what could be causing this error? The user is
able to browse the internet with IE without problems before and after the
error occurs, so I doubt it is a problem with her setup. The online info I
could find on the error says it is related to opening invalid an IP address:


Winsock error 10049 typically occurs when you attempt to create a socket
with an address not on this machine.  For example if you have MDaemon
running on a machine with an IP address of and you attempt to
bind MDaemon to you will receive this error message.


In truth that doesn't make a great deal of sense to me, but maybe there is
somebody on this list that can shed a little light on the situation?


Thanks in advance.


Dave Beck


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