Finding non-common elements in two arrays

Bruce A. Pokras macstacks at
Sat Nov 5 17:39:49 EST 2005

The intersect function will return the common elements of two arrays. 
Is there any array methodology that will return the non-common 
elements of two arrays? I download a government list each month, and 
I would like an easy way to spot the records that are either new or 
changed. Currently, I use a repeat structure to go through the old 
list line-by-line to see if any lines are not identically found in 
the new list (using offset), and collect a third list of any lines in 
which offset=0. After splitting the old and new lists into arrays, an 
"inverse-intersect" function or equivalent would seem to be a more 
elegant way of doing this.

Any ideas?


Bruce Pokras
Blazing Dawn Software

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