OT Auto run CDs on the PC

Jeffrey Reynolds jeff at siphonophore.com
Sat Nov 5 14:24:31 EST 2005


Just wondering if folks had an opinion about auto running multimedia 
applications on CD-ROMS on windows. It was the rage in the hay days of 
CD-ROMs, but then seemed to peter out. We still get feedback from PC 
users that they cant figure out how to find the cd and the application 
on a cd when inserted on a windows machine. in the past we have done 
printed blow-in instructions with the cd on how to go to my computer to 
pull up the cd.

The auto run is obnoxious in my opinion. the popup window on xp allows 
you to open the cd in windows explorer, but its a confusing list for 
the non computer savvy. the other rub is there are other files like the 
read me and lesson plans on the cdrom that the user might want to get 
at and with auto run they have to quit the app to do that.

I guess i could have the app startup with autorun with a dialog with a 
selection of running the app or view the other files on the cd

Is there an easy way to open a folder in windows explorer?

This is a little kids cdrom application that goes with a story book.


Jeffrey Reynolds

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