Communication between modal stack and main stack

Jan Sælid selid at
Fri Nov 4 06:38:52 EST 2005

Ok Sorry

I got It now Xavier. You ment Control as a reference to objects. Not the 
"control" Keyword.

Stupid me.

Thanks both to Brenstein and Xavier for the useful suggestions.

> Thanks alot Xavier
> (This is really an immensely useful and fast mailing list!!!)
> I have never used the control keyword before.
> How does it work? Do you use it like "control 5" instead of "Button 
> "Hitme".
> (It's funny how dumb you feel in some areas - and how smart in 
> others.....;-) )
> regards
> Jan
>> Hi Jan
>> What i do in these cases is to have the mainstack
>> call a prep handler to setup the modal stack's info.
>> When the user clicks on in the Modal stack, there
>> is a handler in the modal that can do 1 of two things:
>> 1: set a global array to retrieve the information
>> 2: send a call to the main stack to send it the information (same process
>> as the main stack calling the modal stack).
>> now, the handler CAN return information.
>> on dothis
>>  get that
>>  return it
>> end dothis
>> and the calling handler can do
>> dothis
>> get the result -- where information is returned.
>> As for the missing background, you can always specify control thisone of
>> background thatone of stack mymainstack...
>> cheers
>> Xavier
>>> Hi
>>> I use several modal stacks  to communicate with the user.
>>> My first question is:
>>> Is there a way to pass informasjon from a modal stack back to the
>>> function on the stack that
>>> opened it? Like "Return"? I use a custom property for now....
>>> When the modal stack closes the function in the main stack that
>>> opened it continues. Just what I want. But for the remaining message
>>> path in the function
>>> I have to refer to the main stack - even if the fuction resides in
>>> the main stack. Or else I get a background not found error.
>>> How can I prevent this. Do I need to set the focus back on the main
>> stack?
>>> Jan
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