[Slightly OT?] Why It's Hard to Explain Rev

TJ Frame tjframe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 19:51:11 EST 2005

As much as I think these comparisons are misleading and limiting, "Hypercard
on Steroids" or "Professional Hypercard" are actually pithys way of getting
the essentials across to people.
 Most programmerish types are aware of Hypercard and the general environment
and methodology associated with it (Mac people), and the "on steroids" part
implies the color, speed, language etc. enhancements. After that brief 2
word explanation I usually expand by saying that Rev is a modern, robust,
full featured desendant of Hypercard with many numerous enhancements over
the old Mac-based tool. Metacard is vastly closer to Hypercard than anything
else so it just make sense to use the much more well known name when
describing Rev to new potential users.
 That generally gets people up to speed with the understanding that Rev is
not a flavor of Java, C++, Visual Basic etc. which a lot of people seem to
imediately assume.
  On 11/3/05, Mark Wieder <mwieder at ahsoftware.net> wrote:
> Dan-
> Wednesday, November 2, 2005, 2:33:12 PM, you wrote:
> > "A good experience is rich, something worth exploring, telling others
> > about, and experiencing again. It's overdetermined - or holistic - or
> > *integrated*. And being integrated makes it (often) hard to explain,
> > since one can't truly reduce an integrated whole to a simple cause."
> > Well said, I think, and an apt description of Revolution's many-
> > faceted appeals.
> Yes, for those of us already in the know. It's still no help, though,
> in terms of describing Revolution to potential users. My favorite so
> far is
> "It was a world of what it was, and it resembled nothing so much as an
> environment"
> -Edward Albee
> ...so - any attempt at trying to describe this for folks who haven't
> dived in yet?
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> -Mark Wieder
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