I guess I stumped everyone. :(

xavier.bury at clearstream.com xavier.bury at clearstream.com
Thu Nov 3 08:31:52 EST 2005

Hi Charles,

One common source of errors is with the word "me"

First because if you transfer code from a control to a stack, Me changes.
Me works fine for cards or stacks but you have to be sure of teh context.

For example in a button script

on mouseup
 put me
end mouseup

gives you nothing - unless the button has content. Same with a field.


"if the owner of the target is me"

You need to check if the target exists!!! 

if may not be necessary on a mouseup but on other
handlers, and one that gets sent a message above all,
there's no guarantee there is a target...


use-revolution-bounces at lists.runrev.com wrote on 03/11/2005 14:15:29:

> On Nov 3, 2005, at 1:51 AM, Ken Ray wrote:
> > Basically here's how this works - all the ___stack and ___card 
> > messages
> > (preOpenStack, openCard, etc.) are sent to the card, and then 
> > travel through
> > the hierarchy to the stack. If the stack is a substack, it then 
> > travels to
> For a beginner (someday I'll stop being a beginner), that's where the 
> problem starts. I have this message called preOpenStack, which I can 
> use to set up my stack, and it's handled in the script for the . . . 
> card? Yes, I see why; but it is not intuitive.
> Thanks for your very lucid explanation of "owner" and "target" and 
> "me". It turns out that my problem was this: during development I 
> have an "initialize" button on the one card of my main stack (so as 
> to set up or reset the underlying database), and the button's script 
> says
>       send "preOpenStack" to this stack
> If my preOpenStack handler begins with "if the owner of the target is 
> me" then I get an execution error (because of passing that message 
> into the stratosphere) when I press the "initialize" button; but it 
> works fine when I'm really opening the stack. Alternatively, the line 
> "if the target is me" works with the button, but does nothing if I'm 
> really opening the stack. All that makes sense I think. I can't think 
> how to write that line for both contexts -- suggestions?
> Charles Hartman
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