Going MAD with customKeys!!!!!

David Burgun dburgun at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Nov 2 10:03:41 EST 2005

>Hi Dave,
>Assuming that NAMEA is a variable and cp_PrefsArray_NAMEA a custom 
>property set:
>To delete this specific custom property set:
>do "set the cp_PrefsArray_" & NAMEA && "of this stack to empty"
>To delete all custom property sets you created:
>set the customPropertySets of this stack to empty
>To delete standard custom keys:
>set the customPropertySet of this stack to empty
>set the customKeys of this stack to empty
>Seems that your trouble comes from the fact that the custom property 
>sets you create have not to be handled in the same way that the 
>standard custom keys ;-)

Ok, thanks a lot for this. I am doing something that could be handled 
in a better way? This was the only way I could find that would allow 
me to create Array's dynamic arrays and store them as 

I don't mind chaning the way I do this if there is a better way.

Thanks a lot

>Le 2 nov. 05 à 15:26, David Burgun a écrit :
>>But I don't know the names (NAMEA,NAMEB,NAMEC) in the script. I 
>>just want to empty them all and start again. I thought that setting 
>>customKeys to empty should do this - according to the docs anyway. 
>>Is this correct? If not how can I do this?
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