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Tue Nov 1 16:50:48 EST 2005

Hi Roark,

You might be interested in the following tutorial:  "How to Manage  
Tabbed Buttons" available from Tutorials Picker:
How to manage tabbed buttons with 2 methods: Multiple cards method  
(each tab is a card) and Groups method (show/hide groups based on tab  
selection).  And, by script, how to set the tabs names, how to select  
a tab, how to disable or enable a tab, etc.
Tutorials Picker is available from my website http:// (Revolution > Plugins) or Rev Online (user:  
So Smart Software).

Best Regards from Paris,
Eric Chatonet.

Le 1 nov. 05 à 22:16, Roark a écrit :

> I'm new to everything revolution.  Correct me please if I'm not  
> supposed to
> be asking these sorts of questions here or if there's a better  
> place to ask
> them.
> My question so far is how to work with the Tab Panel.  Seems like a  
> dumb
> question.  When I add one to the development canvas (as it were),  
> I'm so far
> unable to figure out how to add objects to the page that only  
> appear under a
> specific tab.
> For example, after adding a Tab Panel, I will add a button by either
> dragging and dropping or cutting and pasting, hoping it will be  
> assigned to
> the first tab of the tab panel.
> But when I later drag the Tab Panel (reposition it on the page),  
> the button
> in my example is left behind.
> I'm sure it's very simple.  Can someone help me by pointing out  
> what is
> probably fairly obvious, but that I continue to fail to understand??

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