more tiger problems

Charles Silverman csilverm at
Mon May 23 11:39:57 EDT 2005

In the runrev development environment the submenu right arrow pointer  
things in the menus are gone. This doesn't seem to be the case with  

Selecting after all the text in a field gets weird as with some font  
sizes, the insert cursor appears either on the letter or to the right  
of the last letter, and not after the last letter. This is a visual  
problem, not a functional problem, but still, it's going to confuse  

Finally, there is a slowdown when  I open up the script editor. The  
edit window opens fast enough but there's up to a 3 second delay  
before I can start doing anything.

Something that's already been reported, I think. Using Applescript to  
open a folder in the Finder worked fine under Panther and doesn't  
work under Tiger.

In all other instances, Tiger as been a great upgrade.

Any timeline for rev engine tinkering to fix any of these things?


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