Rev crashes when getting back web pages contents

Sarah Reichelt sarahr at
Tue May 31 18:38:09 EDT 2005

> I need to get back the contents of about 30 web pages in a row.
> I tried various methods, inside loops or with a "send", using "put  
> url tUrl into...", "load url tUrl..." monitored by a callback  
> message, etc.
> But most of the time Rev crashes unpredictably and of course anytime.
> I had a look at Bugzilla but did not find anything about such an  
> issue.
> I would really appreciate some clues: I become nervous :-)
I have used Rev to get a sequence of web pages. Probably only about 9  
or 10 in a row, but without problem. I use "load URL" with a callback  

Could it be a memory problem if you are loading all these web pages  
into cache? Perhaps after getting the data and processing it, you  
need to "unload" to clear the cache.

Also, if you get an error in any download, you should probably stop  
and do a "resetAll" & perhaps wait for a few seconds before trying  


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