Newsgroup access

Chris Kassopulo ckasso at
Tue May 31 13:50:46 CDT 2005

Brad Borch wrote:
>>> // Personally I'd use a mail app that threads lists and I'm changing 
>>> from 
> />//>/ eudora to gemini for that reason
> />//
> />/ [snipped]
> />/
> />/Mozilla's Thunderbird also does threads and filters as well as 
> multiple />/email accounts, and is available (free) for Mac, Linux and 
> Windows. />/
> /Ok, I use Mozilla's mail/news client. Are you saying that you get the 
> mail as singles (rather than as a digest), and filter them into a 
> folder, where you view them as threads? Or is the list available as a 
> newsgroup?
> If so, who hosts the board?
> Brad

That's funny.  I was just reading your post after having
just downloaded some headers into thunderbird to see if
this was the right newsgroup.  It is, and is available
through gmane as:



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