Very simple tab button script

Thomas McCarthy tominjapan at
Tue May 31 03:01:07 EDT 2005

Well the beauty of it is that you don't have to name each card for the tab.
1. make a tab button for your stack
2. put in the background (so it appears on every card) 
3. put a line in the buttons contents for each card--you don't need to name the card to match the tab!

ex. (these are the lines in the buttons contents)
Welcome -> line 1, so selecting this will go to cd 1
How to use
Preferences -> line 4, so will go to cd 4

Then you just have to make sure that your cards are in order.

The (only?) advantage of this code over something like:
on menuPick tWhich
  go to card tWhich
end menuPick

is that the card doesn't need the same name as the tab. It's a small advantage, I know, but it seems simple to me and I will be using it.

one small problem is similar text:
line 1: Women
line 2: Men --> because 'men' is part of 'women', the lineoffset will return '1'. There must be some simple fix for this.

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Hi Tom,<br><br>Just to get this right, you are saying that this works for a stack in<br>which each card is assigned a tab, correct?

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