here is the CLOCKFACE script...coded in 3 MINUTES...17 LINES ofCODE

Vjstbenz at Vjstbenz at
Mon May 30 05:29:28 EDT 2005


The clock face seams excellent. Exactly how it would be most efficient to draw and get the moving graphics. It looks like a cirle with 4 guides....and 3 graphics for hands.

It is amazing that you can code something like that clock in 3 would take me a lot lot lot longer to make that code. But the fact that you have got it down to 18 lines of code and the clear clockface image makes the whole project reasonable.

People will attempt to make similar projects when they can see what just 18 lines of code can achieve. This is my point here. Something looking simple and then working the key for progamming hobby'ists and professionals alike.


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