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Oh, sorry -- I see the difference now. I was just so happy to get rid of all
the problems. Having data appear to be there on top of other data that was
actually there was the final straw of weirdness. You can still select and
edit text without needing the cell to select like it does with a table
object and not having all those bugs and problems is just wonderful. I
highly recommend to anyone to never use the table object.

On 5/28/05 7:01 PM, "Richard Gaskin" <ambassador at fourthworld.com> wrote:

> Bill wrote:
>> I was complaining earlier about how table objects scroll automatically,
>> arbitrarily lock and unlock text, exhibit weird behavior with data in the
>> cells that is visible actually different than the data that is there. I
>> found out that all you do is unselect the check mark "table object" and then
>> all is fine. You have a nice field with a grid that behaves normally.
>> So what is a "table object" and why would anyone want it?
> A grid object is just a field with the vGrid and hGrid properties set to
>   true, but it has other additional features not handled by the engine
> to enable in-cell editing.
> But if you don't need in-cell editing and are using it just to display
> lists as in a database, as you've discovered you can just use a normal
> field with the vGrid and hGrid set and you're good to go.
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