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Sat May 28 11:14:20 EDT 2005


Perhaps nobody has ever explained to you about capitals and emotions  
in emails.  I will give it a try...

We humans convey much of the emotional meaning of our words with body  
language and inflections in our speech.  This is natural and easy  
when we meet face to face.  However, in emails it is not always easy  
to understand the emotional context of the words.  Certain  
conventions have been adopted in order to get around this  
difficulty.  Those who know and use these conventions have become  
sensitive to the emotional context that they are supposed to convey.   
Capitalized words means that you are SHOUTING extreme ANGER or  
extreme HAPPINESS through the words.  We also use emoticons :-)  :- 
(  ;-)  to convey more emotional context.  You can find out about the  
common courtesy Netiquette at:

Understanding the efficient and polite way to communicate your ideas  
in email will help you succeed in receiving the most help.

As a practical example, here is your short email below rewritten  
along these lines (with proper punctuation):

I hope you find this information useful,


> Klaus,
> I find you conference about controls VERY GOOD indeed!
> You have covered some very important points of understanding for  
> me, in your conference.
> The graphics expanation is very helpfull too.
> Can you tell me why each object has an ID?  Is this the "handle"   
> to the object or control?
> Thanks,
> Ben

On May 28, 2005, at 9:39 AM, Vjstbenz at wrote:

> Klaus...
> i find you CONFERENCE about CONTROLS very very good indeed.
> You have covered some VERY IMPORTANT points of understanding for  
> your CONFERENCE...
> The GRAPHICS expanation is very helpfull too.
> can you tell me WHY each object has an ID? this the HANDLE  
> to the object or control?
> thanks
> Ben

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