Ben's Rev Difficulties

Martin Blackman martinblackman at
Sat May 28 07:53:00 EDT 2005

Heee hee hee ..  Its not often I laugh out loud when reading this list but 
that was a very humorous rebuttal.  I almost felt sorry for the guy until I 
realised what he is up to - trying to sabotage Rev.  I hope that List Mom 
will banish him.

>Here'something to learn from:
>This example will teach how to call a custom function, and how to use
>the built-in function "random" and "toUpper" to modify text.
>In addition to providing instruction it also has immediate practical
>value:  you can write normal text and run it through this filter to save
>wear and tear on your Caps Lock key.
>To use, follow these steps:
>1. Make a new stack
>2. In that stack create two fields
>3. In the first field type normal text
>4. Create a button
>5. Put this script in the button, then
>     switch to the Browse tool and click it:
>on mouseUp
>    put BenzFilter(fld 1) into fld 2
>end mouseUp
>-- BenzFilter
>-- This text filter returns the text passed into it
>-- after randomly turning about one-fourth of its
>-- words to upper-case.

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