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Eric Chatonet eric.chatonet at sosmartsoftware.com
Sat May 28 03:01:08 EDT 2005

Dear Stephen,

I am very disappointed with your knowledge of my plugins ;-)
I thought that you had seen that Color Picker displays all color  
names, all colors samples and all values in RGB, WEB notation and  
NAMES (as would say Ben).
More it provides a tool to bring to you the best matching color name  
from any RGB or WEB value :-)
Available for free from my website... (private joke)

Best regards from Paris,

Eric Chatonet.

Le 27 mai 05 à 19:04, Stephen Barncard a écrit :

> I have been looking for a list of standardized RGB color names to  
> use in REV for a while. Today I stumbled on a Javascript FAQ site  
> and came across a nice list of names. So I tried a few of these in  
> REV (Mac OSX).
> http://www.javascripter.net/faq/colornam.htm#top
> Wow.. all the ones I tried changed the backgroundcolor in rev...
> (in the message box)
> set the backgroundcolor  stack "drawer1"  to sandybrown
> set the backgroundcolor  stack "drawer1"  to navajowhite
> this must be built in to OSX....there's a lot of names, and they  
> even make sense.

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