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Klaus Major klaus at
Fri May 27 16:39:13 EDT 2005

Hi Thomas,

> Klaus,
> I am using Mac OSX 10.3.9 and not Tiger. I think it is not  
> understanding the use stack and load externals but not while in the  
> IDE that has me confused. It may well be a rather simple problem.  
> But I'm not sure.
> I was putting the cherry on the ice cream. This is not necessary  
> for my final product but would get me many points with the bosses.  
> The work I did over the last three weeks has not only impressed the  
> powers that be but far surpassed any thing they expected. One  
> comment was "Wait, you mean in two weeks you redid what it took our  
> Macromedia programmer three months to do? WOW." That was a small  
> part of my goal. My bigger goal was to create an engine that I  
> could test game ideas out in using our proprietary interface. Going  
> through our MM Director guy with less than a perfectly formated  
> idea was getting to be too much. SO now I can test out ideas on my  
> own and do it in a few days rather than weeks.
> I did after all get Nine games created with my engine in one week  
> so I know it was done right. Although they are all rather Alpha  
> versions but when the bosses saw what the potential was for using  
> our interface in new ways they loved it.
> So since the project is already a success I don't have to prove  
> anything to them at this point but I wanted to show how the  
> interface can control a browser. It would satisfy me probably more  
> than them.
> So maybe the guys are busy getting the Tiger problem fixed and  
> that's why they have not been able to get back to me.
> I'll wait unless you have some advice pre-tiger.

no sorry, had been working really well on my 10.3.6-9.

> Thanks again,
> Tom


Klaus Major
klaus at

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