with messages alternatives?

MisterX b.xavier at internet.lu
Thu May 26 14:03:52 EDT 2005

Not hard at all - this is kind of how GIM works

Again, this may be overkill but it should handle any situation...
You can also add event filters if you want...

-- my control or stack's script
local thistimeloop

on mouseup
end mouseup

-- use on idle in a card or stackinuse if you dare... Not recommended but it
on doidle 
  if thistime is empty then put 60 into thistimeloop
  send "doevent" to stack "eventdoer" -- has a script that sends all events
to a frontscript stack that passes each event back down in the queue
  if the hilite of button "suspendDoEvents" then exit doidle
  send "doidle" to me in thistimeloop seconds
  pass doidle
end doidle

-- frontscript script
on doevents objects
  if what is empty then
 put "metacard,this stack,this background,this card,the selectedfield,this
focusedobject,the target" into objects
  end if
  put Eventlist() into eventList
  repeat for each line o in objectlist
    repeat for each line e in eventlist
      send o to e
    end repeat
  end repeat
end doevents

function getEventList
  return "mouseup,mousedown, etc"
end getEventList

Note: Untested

Off the top of my head... The taoo way ;)
So it's possible i completely misinterpreted it all...


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> Has any one discovered a method for implementing something 
> simular to the DoEvents method on Visual Basic?  I am fully 
> aware of the message programming model and using send it time 
> and wait with messages.  It is not necessary to explain it!
> Description of DoEvents:
> DoEvents simpily allows all other other pending 
> events/handlers to execute at a specific time during a long 
> process then return to the execution point after they complete.
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