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On 5/26/05 6:31 PM, "Robert Brenstein" <rjb at> wrote:

>> I did not see a non-SQL way of adding records in the docs for vxcmd. Did
>> I miss something, or do we mainly need to rely upon SQL techniques?
> You can use either direct API or SQL. Some projects seem more suited
> for the former, others for the latter. Some people have a preference
> for one or the other. Some stuff can be done only in SQL, some only
> in API. So, use whatever suits or you like. Just mixing the two can
> be problematic.

Robert, I wonder why you point API way.
For VXCMD 1.x it not exists.

As I have point in prev letter
    Cursor.AddRecord() this is also branch of SQL way.

At least this is terminology we will use in Valentina 2.0

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