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If history repeats, the Microsoft product will:
1. Ship late
2. Not have all of the features advertised
3. Be inferior to everything else on the market
4. Drive companies with superior products out of business
Paul Looney

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   This was posted to the HyperCard list: 
  > "...Microsoft sees a role for itself. The company's Visual Studio 
  > software-slated for official release later this year-is designed to 
 > coding to the masses...Microsoft estimates there are six million 
  > professional developers and 18 million amateurs: hobbyists, 
  > students. The company hopes to make Visual Studio Express the 
Esperanto of 
 > amateur builders." 
  > > 
  Sort of late to the party, aren't they? On the other hand, can we 
withstand them? 
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