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>--- Ross Hansen <stexeross at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Hello, I am new to revolution and from the
>>  discussion archive, i saw that it's possible to run
>>  revolution stack on remote server by typing go stack
>>  url http://www.myserver.com/stack/test.rev into the
>>  message box.  that's what i did, but  the reply in
>>  the message box was "no such card".  Is there
>>  anything more i need to know or do other than just
>>  uploading the test.rev stack to the stack directory
>>  of myserver.com and then typing in the go stack url
>>  into the message box?  Please help.   I am using the
>>  trial version of revolution 2.5.1 on winXP.  Thank
>>  you.
>>  Ross Hansen
>  >


A friend of mine experienced the exact same problem ("No such card" 
error). What worked for her was increasing her privleges in Win XP. 
Her husband finally relented (he is very paranoid on computer 
security) and gave her administrator privleges and the problem went 
away. If you aren't working from an XP account that has admin 
privleges, try using one that does and see what happens.


Bruce Pokras
Blazing Dawn Software

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