Problems with ShutDownRequest

Brian Yennie briany at
Wed May 25 01:58:55 EDT 2005


Try this:

1) create a button "shutdown" with your script in it:

on ShutDownRequest
   answer "Really, Really Quit?" with "No" or "Quit"
   if it is "Quit" then pass ShutDownRequest
end ShutDownRequest

2) hide the button

3) add this to your standalone:

on startup
     insert the script of btn "shutdown" into back
end startup

This should save you the hassle of trying to clone the script and get 
it in all of the appropriate places - a backscript will sit "behind" 
all of your open stacks and should get called reliably without having 
to set any scripts of cloned stacks.


> On 5/24/05, Pat Trendler <ptrendler at> wrote:
>> I seem to remember having this problem awhile ago.
>> I used  closestackRequest in the stack being saved as a 
>> file/document..
> I tried this in both the stack script and the card script and neither
> worked at all. Sigh.
> I think I'm going to have to Bugzilla this if no one else has a
> workable solution.
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> Howard Bornstein
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