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Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Mon May 23 12:57:36 EDT 2005

Hi Ken,

> On 5/23/05 11:10 AM, "Klaus Major" <klaus at major-k.de> wrote:
>> Hi Dave,
>>> Hi
>>> I just noticed that a button's label can now appear in front of the
>>> button's icon.
>>> Previously, it would get hidden behind the image. (When was this
>>> fixed/changed?)
>> are you yure?
>> How do you do this?
> Actually, I think there's a miscommunication - when you have a  
> button with
> an icon, the label is normally centered at the bottom of the  
> button. If,
> however, your icon is very large, or you resize the button so the  
> text and
> image overlap, you'll see that the text is indeed in front of the  
> image.

Ah, i see...

> However - this does NOT solve the original problem of trying to get  
> a label
> vertically centered in a button... something that BZ 1032 addresses,

NOT ;-)

> and which is not (AFAIK) possible in the current version of Rev.
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Klaus Major
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