Could this list be a forum/bulletin board?

Marty Billingsley marty at
Sat May 21 08:45:06 EDT 2005

Rob Beynon <r.beynon at> writes:
> Another question that has probably been asked before -
> I wonder why this resource (use revolution) has not been presented
> using one of the many forum/bb software that seems to be everywhere
> else. With inbuilt search etc, it would be a lot better to use.

There is a searchable archive at

We just had a similar discussion over on the educational
mailing list; some of us pointed out that we want the emails
showing up in our mailbox because we don't really have the
time to go to web sites in search of information.  In other
words, we make the time to read our mail, but not to go out
on the web and look for postings.  Of course, that means
being somewhat selective about what mailing lists one
subscribes to.

You could not subscribe to this mailing list, and just read
the archives (they can be sorted by date) if you don't want
your inbox filling up.

  - marty

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