[OT] Is there a relationship between Xtalk languages andsmalltalk?

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very interesting! Text only though it says...

but this one takes the cake!

I thought i'd find executables but i found "runtime"!
Though not what i hoped for ;)


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> One of the xTalk languages not mentioned so far is "HyperPad" 
> by Brightbill&Roberts with its script language "PadTalk".
> HyperPad - the first Hypercard clone for the DOS-world - 
> appeared about one year after Hypercard was released. 
> Unfortunately, HyperPad never made it to the Windows world 
> and consequently later disappeared.
> HyperPad was a very powerful language with some features I 
> still miss in Metacard and Revolution. It had an integrated 
> data base, could include and produce C-externals and had a 
> comprehensive and carefully written documentation (two big 
> volumes that came free with the software for a price less 
> than 100 US$ and left no questions open). The included help 
> files and tutorials were very well designed (seen from an 
> educational perspective). A look at them would be even 
> beneficial for the Revolution team.
> I remember my troubles when I had to migrate to "Toolbook": 
> Many more script lines to write, syntax requirements that 
> were much more complicated etc..-
> A search reveals a number of hits (there is also another, but 
> unreleated  product called "HyperPad") and even a still 
> available version of HyperPad that is possibly of interest 
> for those that want to investigate the development of xTalk 
> languages and get an idea of the state of arts of quite a 
> number of years ago.
> Two addresses:
> <http://www.iath.virginia.edu/elab/hfl0138.html>
> from the web page:
> "HyperPad
> Brightbill-Roberts' HyperPad 2.2 is an inexpensive ($100) 
> HyperCard <http://www.iath.virginia.edu/elab/hfl0154.html> 
> clone for DOS text systems. The extensive installation (3.7 
> MB) includes 830 pages of documentation and an excellent 
> on-line tutorial. Many sample scripts, clip art, and 
> mini-applications are included. HyperPad is designed to be 
> used out of the box as a DOS desktop utility kit. It is 
> distributed as shareware 
> <http://www.iath.virginia.edu/elab/hfl0029.html> so you can 
> "try before you buy."
> and
> <http://www.megaiq.com/hyperpad/>
> "HyperPAD:
> Version 2.307
> Last published in 1995 by IQ Technologies, Inc.
> Originally developed and published by Brightbill-Roberts
> For those who may wish to continue using this DOS based 
> product it is being made available for downloading as a 
> courtesy of MegaIQ.
>      The download is a 1.4 mb self extracting archive file.
>     Save the file to an empty folder.
>     After downloading, double click on the file "hyperpad24.exe".
>     This will extract two (2) files, "disk1.exe" and "disk2.exe".
>     Each of these are self extracting archive files as well.
>     Disk 1 and Disk 2 archives contain the files required to 
> install HyperPAD.
>     Devkit is the HyperPAD Developer's Kit and must be 
> extracted into a different folder
>     than the one used for disk1 and disk2 as it contains some 
> files which have the same name.
>     DOWNLOAD HyperPAD v. 2.3
>     DOWNLOAD HyperPAD Developer's Kit".---
> I downloaded this version, and it worked fine with Windows XP 
> - with the exception that I had some troubles with my 
> cordless mouse in the DOS-window that came up. But you can 
> very well work with the keyboard and experience the old-time 
> and at the same time modern way of  using an xTalk language.
> As I  already said, have a look at the IDE and the carefully 
> designed and integrated help files.
> A number of stacks I offer today on my website  were 
> originally developed with HyperPad.
> Regards,
> Wilhelm Sanke
> <http://www.sanke.org/MetaMedia>
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