[OT] Is there a relationship between Xtalk languages andsmalltalk?

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Thu May 19 22:45:23 CDT 2005

Lynch, Jonathan wrote:
> What became of the creators of Hypercard? Were they involved in any of
> Hypercard's descendants?

Not directly, but there was a moment of widsom in which Silicon Beach's 
Charlie Jackson (SB produced SuperCard) proposed to Apple's Jean Louis 
Gassee that they establish a HyperTalk standard to guide the various 
dialects that were cropping up.  Gassee agreed in principle, and the 
effort was even discussed publicly for a brief while, but unfortunately 
other elements within Apple shut the effort down before any working 
meetings took place.

Some trivia on the mysterious coincidences with HyperCard and SuperCard:

HyperCard was written by Bill Atkinson
SuperCard was written by Bill Appleton

The first HyperCard book was written by Danny Goodman
The first SuperCard book was written by Danny Gookin

Today I'm told Bill and Bill live a few blocks from one another in Santa 

And more trivia:

Atkinson's original vision for HyperCard didn't include a scripting 
language, an idea that was suggested by Dan Winkler during the 
development cycle.

During that time another product came on the market, which made it the 
first scriptable multimedia authoring tool for Mac.

What was it?

World Builder, written by Bill Appleton.

Though originally designed as a game authoring system, its scriptable 
control over text, images, sound, and screen-to-screen navigation in an 
easy-to-use very-high-level language made it popular among educators for 
building courseware.

Of course once Apple released HyperCard for free bundled with every Mac, 
the world of World Builder became a forgotten legacy....

One last bit of trivia:

Today the world's most popular multimedia authoring system is Flash, and 
while we know it as a Macromedia product it was actually an acquisition.

Who originally produced it?

FutureSplash, a company owned by Charlie Jackson.

PS: in the early '90s a magazine premiered called "New Media" -- anyone 
here have the first two issues?

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